A Scottish philosopher in Italian

We are always thrilled to find items we can add to our already quite comprehensive collection of works by the Scottish Enlightenment philosopher David Hume.

This two-volume set, Saggie filosofici sull’umano intelletto de David Hume (RB.s.2913-2914) contains the first Italian translations of three of his works: of his Enquiry concerning Human Understanding (first published in 1748), of his  brief autobiography (first published posthumously in 1777 as The Life of David Hume, Esq.), and of his ‘Dissertation on the Passions’ from the Four Dissertations.

Hume small

This copy is in the original publisher’s paper wrappers and includes a frontispiece portrait of Hume in the first volume. It was engraved by Luigi Rados (1773-1840) and looks quite different from the portraits of Hume that were popular in Britain.

Find out more about David Hume in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, accessible through NLS Licensed Digital Collections). And don’t miss out on the Scottish Enlightenment!