Celebrating Peanuts

60th_book_cover_concept(Photo credit: andrewsmcmeel.com)

(Image shows the cover of the book which is an illustration of Charlie Brown hugging Snoopy)

‘Celebrating Peanuts’ by Charles M. Schulz

This special anniversary tribute celebrating 60 years of the most successful comic strip, features more than 500 pages of classic “Peanuts” comic strips in both black and white and colour.

“Peanuts” debuted on October 2, 1950 and the development of Charles Schulz’s drawing, along with the introduction of some of the comic strip’s most memorable characters, is clearly demonstrated in this book.

Although this feel-good, sometimes sad but always touching series appears to have been written for kids, if you dig below the surface, there are inspiring life lessons to be learned underneath. It is packed with commentary from throughout Schulz’s career, making this not only a heartwarming tribute but also a true collector’s item.

It is a thoroughly enjoyable read and will appeal both to life long fans or those who are discovering Peanuts for the first time.

The book ends with the final cartoon published on February 13, 2000 which concludes with Schulz’s immortal words “Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy…how can I ever forget them…”

I’m sure all fans of Peanuts will agree with him.

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