Dare to dream!

Are you tired of working for other people and want to be your own boss?

Are you up for the risk-taking, sleepless nights, worrying and the uncertainty of how you will pay the bills?

Are you passionate about your business idea?

Are you up for the biggest challenge of your life – setting up your own business?!

The library has tons and I mean tons of books about business, we have the largest publicly accessible collection of business information in Scotland.  These books range from starting up a business to advice on how to write a business plan to information about marketing your business and even how well-known companies started.   We have trade directories and market research reports on any topic imaginable or even books about mindfulness in business.

These books can be found in the library on the open shelves in the mezzanine area of the general reading room.


It doesn’t stop there – the library also subscribes to various business databases such as:

COBRA (Complete Business Reference Advisor) which is a comprehensive, practical and continually updated business information resource for anyone looking to start a business, write a marketing or business plan, or conduct research into a new market.

FAME (Financial Analysis Made Easy) which is a business information database with details on the largest UK and Irish companies, with summary information on smaller businesses.

Keynote Market research which is a full-text market intelligence database containing more than 2000 reports covering 29 industry sectors.

Mintel market research which is a full-text market research database containing reports from the Mintel series in Leisure, Market, Retail and Financial Intelligence and MBD Industrial Reports.

OneSource which is a business information database, providing in depth profiles of companies worldwide, plus industry profiles, news, and research reports.

Orbis which is a business information database of companies around the globe.

For more information on these databases check out our website at https://auth.nls.uk/ldc/

But it doesn’t even stop there, you have now read up about starting a business, but after that you can then access the whole library for inspiration for your business. If you have an idea but don’t know where to start there are loads of books, magazines and articles about your topic whatever it is. Would you like to be a shoe designer for example? We have many books on shoes, from designing shoes, to the science of the shoe and even photography books depicting footwear. You could even get ideas from old magazine adverts. Or are you inspired by the Great British Bake Off and would like to set up your own coffee shop? Well there are business books on that, plus fantastic recipe books, and brilliant cake books to inspire you.  There is a wealth of information to help the creative juices flow and it is all in one place.