Dear World, How Are You?

How do you begin to write a letter to every country in the world? What kind of replies would you get? And how do you undertake such a challenge when you are only five years old?

When he learned in school about the journey of a letter to New Zealand, Toby Little was captivated. He decided he would like to write a letter to every country in the world. This was no easy task for a boy in his first year of school who had never written a letter before. The response to his challenge in the form of this collection of letters is delightful.

From South Pole researchers to sunscreen developers in Brazil, from gamekeepers in Chad to children who love fossils in Benin, everyone shares something of the place they live in with Toby.

We also get little snapshots of people’s lives:  their schools, their work, the challenges they face and what they love about where they live. People shared photos, recipes, food, maps, and in Lebanon, Toby’s letter was even turned into a front page spread in a newspaper. A selection of photos of the letters Toby received brings them further to life.

The interwoven story of the project itself ,and its impact on all involved, is full of surprises and is a genuinely uplifting read.

We can only hope that this is the first collection of letters from around the world as Toby continues to this keep up with his friends.

You can find further details of Dear World, How Are You? on our Main Catalogue. (Photo credit: Michael Joseph)