How to watch the Olympics : scores and laws, heroes and zeros – an instant initiation into every sport

(Photo credit: Profile Books) Cover image features figures partaking in various Olympic Sports including fencing, swimming, tennis and archery)


The Rio Olympics are finally here and we have already enjoyed a week’s worth of breath-taking sport! There is still plenty of excitement to come however, and the Library has received a fantastic guide to see you through the rest of the Games.

The wonderful “How to Watch the Olympics” sees itself as a fun training programme for those watching the Rio Games. It makes watching and understanding the Olympics easier for all. We are even given the 2016 dates of play.

The guide is organised alphabetically sport by sport, making your favourite or perhaps a lesser-known Olympic event easy to find. You might just discover a new sport to follow! We are also given the key contenders to look out for when we watch and can refresh our memories of who the previous champions were.

The history, basic rules and finer points of each sport are discussed in well laid-out chapters. You can also read up on both the Medal and Closing ceremonies to allow you to compare this year’s Games with those gone by.

To get more from the Games you can find further details of this celebratory and well-informed guide of How to Watch the Olympics on our Main Catalogue.