How you can use our maps

Our readers buy maps from us for a range of reasons. Some people want to hang the map on their living room wall. Others might use it in a planning application. We also get quite a number of readers using map images in books.

Recently we had a member of Scottish Brewing Heritage contact us and say he wanted to use one of our maps in an exhibition tracing breweries in the Canongate area of Edinburgh. It was to be used in an exhibition at the Museum of Edinburgh. We think he’s done a great job!

Here’s the original map:

os map

And here’s what it looked like after the Scottish Brewing Archive’s design team worked on it:

holyrood breweries

It’s a really good example of how you can take what is a plain black and white map and turn it into something quite stunning.

Find out more about Scottish Brewing Heritage’s exhibition, and a series of related walks.