I’m feeling lucky : falling on my feet in Silicon Valley

feeling lucky(Photo credit: I’m feeling lucky. Author: Douglas Edwards. Publisher: Penguin Books)

(Image above shows the title of the book along the authors name and a drawing of a workplace i.d badge)


At the age of 41, Douglas Edwards was ready to sit back, put his marketing career on autopilot, spend more time with his wife and family and generally relax.

Instead, he joined an internet start-up called Google.

Suddenly his life was no longer his own.

Douglas Edwards was director of consumer marketing and brand management at Google from 1999 to 2005 and was responsible for setting the tone and direction of the company’s communications with its users. What was it like to work for a company that began as an internet start-up and ended up one of the biggest companies and brands in the world?

This is not a complete history of Google but one person’s inside view of working for it. The issues of censorship, regulation and monopoly are not discussed. Edwards focuses instead on the work habits that enabled Google to accomplish a great deal in a short time and on the shortcomings that developed in a company where every problem was viewed as solvable and every situation could be reduced to a set of data points; where knowing you were right meant nothing should, could, or would stand in the way.

In his honest and revealing book, Edwards describes what it’s like to work for a boss who is the age of your favourite t-shirt – and who is never, ever wrong! To be the square middle-aged guy in an office that resembles a geek fraternity. To wonder if you’ll ever see your family again. To work with the most brilliant – and annoying – people on earth…

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