Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research

Caricature from 'Edinburgh Characters' by J. Jenkins (Edinburgh: 1799-1805)
Caricature from ‘Edinburgh Characters’ by J. Jenkins (Edinburgh: 1799-1805)

The Society for Army Historical Research was established in 1921 to encourage the study of the history of the British Army, including the Militia, Yeomanry and Territorial Army, as well as land forces of the Commonwealth and Empire. In addition to research on individual campaigns and commanders, the Society’s  interests cover the wider political, social and cultural aspects of army and regimental history. Military artefacts, such as uniforms, badges and medals, arms and equipment are also the topics of research. The chronological period of investigation covers the late Middle Ages to the 1970’s.

The Society publishes a quarterly ‘Journal’, of which this Library has almost a complete collection. There are also a number of general index volumes covering the periods 1921-1962 and 1991-2006, as well as an online index for 1921-2006. A selection of articles have been highlighted below to provide an insight into some of the topics that have been investigated in the past.

  • Volume 18 (1939). ‘The Scottish and English Gendarmes and the Scottish Body-Guard in the Service of France’ by Percy White.
  • Volume 20 (1941). ‘The Highland Independent Companies of 1745-47’ by Major I. H. Mackay Scobie.
  • Volume 26 (1948). ‘Scottish Militia Regiments, 1798-1881: their Badges and Buttons’ by Major H. G. Parkyn.
  • Volume 76 (1998). ‘Wilson of Bannockburn and the Clothing of the Highland Regiments’ by N. J. Mills & A. L. Carswell.
  • Volume 77 (1999). ‘The Uniform of the 8th (or Rothesay & Caithness) Fencible Regiment’ by A. V. B. Norman.
  • Volume 80 (2002). ‘Beyond the Queen’s Shilling: Reflections on the Pay of other Ranks in the Victorian British Army’ by Cameron Pulsifer.