Memories of Kelvin Hall

On Wednesday the 27th of September the fantastic Lost Glasgow held an event at Kelvin Hall taking visitors on a ‘photographic daunder from Finnieston to Partick Cross’

One week on, I thought it would be interesting to explore the memories my colleagues and I hold as we are celebrating our first birthday in this amazing building.

To keep things simple I condensed my questioning to:

What are your memories of Kelvin Hall?

Your highlights from our first year here?

What excites you about the future of the building?

To ensure anonymity I have used stills of people at Kelvin Hall from our Moving Image Archive, we are a shy bunch!

#Employee 1


My memories of Kelvin Hall really centre on The Museum of Transport, which was attached to the side of the building where the gym and café are now situated. This was a regular haunt for my family and I, then when I was a bit older with my friends. The model street was particularly special to me, I loved going in and out of the old shops and sitting in the old Subway car.

From my first year working for The National Library of Scotland at Kelvin Hall I have quite a few highlights! The ones that really stand out are where we have introduced people to the library and our collections for the very first time, many of these visitors are now regulars. I also very much enjoy the excitement our toddler audience exude when interacting with our curated apps!

I am excited to see the building grow and develop and hope our youngest visitors grow to hold the building dear to their heart just as I did from 3 to 30 (and still going strong!)


#Employee 2

I used to go to the Transport Museum all the time. I remember the wee cinema beside the Subway off the street, and they always played films about Glasgow – which in retrospect were probably some of our films!

The big collections events have been good – Mary Queen of Scots’ letter and the Burns manuscript. I think it’s really cool that we have a space in Glasgow now to show off the National Library’s collections.

I’m really excited to see more of the Hunterian’s collections – and at the prospect of having another giant museum in Glasgow.


#Employee 3


I remember Kelvin Hall as a Circus venue, the transport museum and a sports venue! An other incarnation I loved was when ‘The Shows’ would come to Kelvin Hall at Christmas, I remember playing on the dodgems here!

I’ve really enjoyed being back in a city location (all the local shops!). I’ve really enjoyed introducing people to the library and I also like when people tell me we’re helping save on petrol and train costs to visit Edinburgh!

I’d like to see us continue to meet and introduce new people to our resources!

#Employee 4

For me, I have fond memories of The Transport Museum.

I’ve enjoyed getting to grips with all the high-tech technology we have available to use and to share with our visitors

Excited to see what the second phase of the building brings!


Still images taken from film: 3444 and T0096, to view additional film featuring Kelvin Hall click here