Mountain heroes: portraits of adventure

mountain heroes(Photo credit: Conway Publishing)

(Image shows a picture of a mountain with sky in the background and the title of the book )

Mountain heroes by Huw Lewis-Jones is a visual celebration of those who have risen to the challenge of the highest mountains on Earth.

Come face to face with those who have spent their lives at altitude; explorers and pioneering travellers, intrepid ice-climbers and extreme skiers, ecologists, photographers and film-makers, and a range of people who have made their homes among the hills.

This is a stunning book of pioneering mountaineering with new commissions for leading photographers alongside historic treasures from the world’s finest collections.

Among those featured are Sir Edmund Hillary, George Mallory, Reinhold Messner, Tenzing Norgay, Joe Simpson, Jim Whittaker, Pat Morrow, Dean Potter, and Steve House.

This beautifully designed book also includes special contributions from admired members of the mountaineering community, including Sir Chris Bonington, Stephen Venables, and Doug Scott.

It’s a story of endurance, enterprise, heroism and fellowship in the wildest of places, best capturing the spirit of human achievement and adventure.

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