Otter country: in search of the wild otter

otter country

(Photo credit: Granta Books)

(Image above displays the title of the book ‘Otter country: in search of the wild otters’ and the authors name ‘Miriam Darlington’ with a picture of an otter in a river with the reflection of trees showing in the water)

Over the course of a year and a half, Miriam Darlington travelled around Britain in search of wild otters: from her home in Devon to Scotland, Cumbria, Wales, Northumberland, Cornwall, Somerset and to her childhood home near the River Ouse.

‘Otter Country’ follows Darlington’s search through different landscapes, seasons, weather and light, as she tracks one of Britain’s most elusive animals.

During her journey she meets otter experts, representatives of the Environment Agency, conservationists, ecologists, walkers, zoo keepers, fishermen, scientists, hunters and poets.

Above all, she learns how to track and be around otters.

This is an engaging and mesmerising book which should establish Darlington as a prominent voice within the new generation of British nature writers.

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