Scottish Book Trade Index Revamped!

The Scottish Book Trade Index is now fully searchable!

The new version has all the information from the old one, but you can now combine searches rather than looking for one word such as a name or trade.

You can, for instance, find out

  • how many booksellers there were in Brechin in the 18th century
  • how many printers there were in Scotland before 1700
  • who was both a stationers and bookseller

You can explore trades: search for bookbinders and see at a glance how many there were in each century, in which towns they were based, and which other trades stationers had.

And, of course, you can still search by name and town as before.

We have also updated the database with information from readers received over the past years, so the new version is up to date!

The Scottish Book Trade Index is work in progress, and we welcome new contributions and suggestions for amendments: just email!

The new version was developed by the Data Conversion Group in Goettingen, Germany, on behalf of the Consortium of European Research Libraries (CERL). It is hosted on their website.

Happy exploring!