Complete works of William Shakespeare in miniature

Photo features a miniature set of the works of Shakespeare on a beautiful wooden book case.

No two days are the same for a National Library of Scotland Cataloguer but is quite unusual for books to arrive on our desks with their own bookcases provided!

The Library has purchased a most unusual set of Shakespeare’s Complete Works to add to its collections. The volumes contain all of his plays, poetry, sonnets and also include a biography. There is, however, something slightly different about these books. All of the Bard’s works have been published in miniature format.

Shakespeare 3

There are forty of these miniature volumes measuring just 5 cm in height. Each book is beautifully bound in leather and includes its own frontispiece. They also, as noted above, include four elegant sets of wooden shelving which hold the miniature volumes and greatly enhance the collection.

They were published in 1932 in England but printed in Edinburgh. The books have now received some preservation work to ensure that they are kept safe for future generations to enjoy.

You can find further details of The Complete works of William Shakespeare in miniature on our Main Catalogue.