The book of tea

book of tea

(Photo credit: The book of tea: Growing it, making it, drinking it, the history, recipes and lots more by Nick Kilby and Louise Cheadle is published by Jacqui Small LLP)

(Image above shows the title of the book and the author names against an orange background with a white teacup and saucer)


Louise Cheadle and Nick Kilby are self-confessed tea nuts! They have always been and always will be mad for anything related to tea. In 2006, they founded a new tea company called Teapigs. Now they have written a book about tea.

The humble little tea leaf has made a huge impact worldwide. In fact, it has become the second most drunk beverage in the world after water. Tea is used to bring people together, to calm us down or pep us up, to soothe a crisis and to celebrate a reunion. It’s drunk out of mugs, cups, glasses and saucers; it’s drunk hot or iced, with spices, with sugar, with honey, with milk or without.

The Book of tea gives a brief history of tea and helps explain why tea has become such a favourite drink around the world. The authors take the reader on a journey to meet all the differing styles of tea, show how they are produced (from growing, plucking, processing and, ultimately, brewing) and introduce some of the people responsible for producing tea.

They also let you in on the secrets of making the perfect cup of tea, tea etiquette, the best biscuits to dunk in your tea, and a selection of recipes involving tea. Find something delicious to make or bake, or even learn how to mix your own tea-based cocktail.

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