The Ivy Now

If you would like a peek behind the scenes of one of London’s most famous restaurants, look no further than “The Ivy Now” for a highly entertaining culinary read.

Former Maître d’ and director Fernando Peire presents us with the Ivy’s recipes as though they were a theatre show and it seems that this is how he feels about an evening spent there. With 100 recipes to celebrate 100 years, we move from Act I: Classic Starters onto Act 5: Classic Mains and finish with Act 9: Desserts.

The recipes themselves range from classics such as Shepherd’s Pie (Tracey Emin’s favourite), an intriguing Red Dragon Pie, Welsh Onion Cake and the recipes for the Ivy’s delicious ice-creams.

There are amusing anecdotes scattered throughout the book. Tracey Emin relates trying something different from the menu but really wanting a Shepherd’s Pie and finding the waiter bringing this to her without her asking. A favourite story of mine came from Dawn French who enjoyed sharing a joke with Brad Pitt.

The history of the restaurant from its humble beginnings, changes in ownership, coping with war-time rationing to its present status is charmingly told. As it celebrates 100 years, the overall feeling within this book is that of friendliness and a devotion to its regulars who are all part of the Ivy show.

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(Photo credit: Quadrille)