The Nature Fix : Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative

As Spring has finally sprung in the northern hemisphere, now is the time to go outdoors and benefit from a “nature fix”.  Most of us enjoy going for a walk in the park or further afield in the countryside at this time of year. It seems, however, that it is only recently that scientists have begun to seriously study the benefits of spending time in the natural world.

In “The Nature Fix : Why Nature Makes us Happier, Healthier and More Creative”, Florence Williams looks into two of the leading scientific theories on exactly why nature has such a positive effect on our well-being. We find out the most recent research on how nature can lessen stress and further enhance our brains.

Florence writes in a witty way, and takes us all over the world, from here in the laboratories in Scotland, to “Forest Bathing” for improved mental health in Japan. It seems that scientists and people everywhere are finding out the different ways that being in nature can help to improve our lives.

Florence also spends time exploring the different “doses” of nature and how the length of time we spend in it can improve our memory, creativity and health.

It was moving from the country to the city which made the author assess the negative impact this had on her well-being. Modern life sees more of us living in cities and living our lives farther apart from nature. Williams helps us to see how we can ensure that our modern lives can continue to benefit from being exposed to the healing benefits of the natural world.

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(Photo credit: W. W. Norton & Company)