Usain Bolt : the story of the world’s fastest man

usainbolt(Photo credit: SportsBooks)

(Image above shows Usain Bolt running with an image of the Olympic flag in the background behind him)

Usain Bolt is the world’s most recognisable track and field star. He is a firm favourite to retain his sprint titles at the London Olympics this year.

Usain Bolt was a gawky teenager when he took part in the Olympics in Athens in 2004 and departed almost unnoticed after failing to get beyond the heats of his event. Just five years later at the 2009 World Championships he won three gold medals.

Two years later, the eager anticipation of Bolt defending the 100 meters in London in August 2012 saw more than one million people apply for tickets to see the final of that event alone.

Unlike so many other modern track sprinters, Bolt has transformed his sport with a smile, that “trademark” lightning bolt pose and even on some occasions a dance.

Steven Downes’s book reveals the man behind the clowning and the gold medal performances.

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