We Remember D-Day

As we mark the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings, what better time to draw your attention to “We Remember D-Day : Powerful and Moving True Stories from 6 June 1944” compiled by Frank & Joan Shaw.

D-Day was the biggest amphibious assault in military history and over 150,000 Allied Troops landed in Normandy on D-Day alone. It was a momentous day. After nearly five years of war, the Allies launched the attack which would give them their first foot-hold in Nazi occupied Europe. Stories of the braveries and the horrors of this day continue to emerge and many of these personal experiences have been brought together in this moving book.

Dipping into the book there are fascinating accounts which bring this time vibrantly to life. Many are heart-breaking, such as the Corporal who tried to help a seriously wounded soldier who had been struck down in the water. As he turned to help, the snipers began to fire and he was forced to leave the boy behind. This moment has stayed with him forever. Other tales are more light-hearted such as that of a young woman, working in the YMCA in Portsmouth, who on the 5th of June made sandwiches all night for those waiting to begin the crossing to Normandy. In spite of knowing something “big” was about to happen she knew not to ask any questions.

Every single person who took part and experienced D-Day has a different tale to tell. Today may be the last great gathering and commemoration for those who experienced D-Day first-hand, yet I feel in part as a result of books like this, their voices and experiences will never be lost nor their bravery forgotten.

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