Two women are taking a break in the countryside. They are wearing sporting clothes and drinking from cups. There is a bicycle and a tree behind them.

Cine Cycles – women, bicycles and a sense of freedom

Dr Emily Munro, National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive Watch our Cine Cycle video The bicycle is seeing a resurgence in popularity. Partly due to concerns around sustainable, carbon-neutral transport, and accelerated by the COVID crisis, more people than ever in Scotland are considering the bike as a key mode of transportation. Local authorities […]

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Fashion Business at the NLS

* Whether you are a start up enterprise or a fully fledged business the National Library of Scotland has what you need to get to the next level. From conception to execution, let me guide you through some of the business material available. An integral part of the National Library that I believe entrepreneurs and […]

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Fashion Collections at the NLS

  Vogue The Covers HB6.218.6.89, 100 Years of Fashion  PB6.212.838/10, Behind The Runway HB6.217.2.36 The General Collections available at the National Library of Scotland (NLS) cover a diverse range of topics from Mountaineering to Music. You can find help and information to set up a business, indulge a passion, learn a new skill or delve into […]

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