Pressing forward

At the National Library, we delight in seeing the reactions of visitors to our exhibitions, in welcoming people to our reading rooms, and constantly turning the page on materials that make up the nation’s permanent collection. It’s a privilege to share in the discoveries made by people visiting the Library that help us all to […]

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Man standing on biplane in flight

Sausages, steam trains and biplanes : Showcasing 100 years of Scotland on film

Most people when they think of films probably think of the latest blockbusters showing at the cinema; fantastic stories far removed from everyday life, and rarely showing anything of Scotland.  What many people don’t realise is that for four decades the National Library of Scotland’s Moving Image Archive has been collecting and preserving all kinds […]

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The Library of Mistakes

Down a small lane, at 4a Wemyss Place Mews, in the Scottish Investment Trust building, you will find the Library of Mistakes. A strange name, you may think, but this is a library dedicated to avoiding mistakes. The Keeper, Russell Napier, was inspired by the banking sector’s spectacular crash in 2008, and set up the library […]

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