Zoom into South Lanarkshire

  • Books – non fiction  

Biggar and the House of Fleming by William Hunter, 1867. [In Histories of Scottish Familieshttps://digital.nls.uk/94839290

  • Book – fiction 

A series of plays: in which it is attempted to delineate the stronger passions of the mind. Each passion being the subject of a tragedy and a comedy by Joanna Baillie, 1799. [In Eighteenth Century Collections Online accessed through LibrarySearch. Joanna Baillie was born in Bothwell]  https://search.nls.uk/permalink/f/1cgn4rl/44NLS_ALMA21519320620004341

  • Film 

GALA DAY 1981 by Mr Coleman Dec’d or Lanark Cine Club, 1981. [In Moving Image Archive. Footage of the Gala Week celebration in Carnwath] https://movingimage-onsite.nls.uk/film/7762

  • Manuscript collection 

Seven letters of John Claudius Loudon to John Milne, 1832 [In Manuscript Catalogue. John Claudius Loudon was a Scottish botanist and garden designer who was born in Cambuslang] https://manuscripts.nls.uk/repositories/2/resources/1367 

  • Maps 

Fullwood Farm. Proposed alterations. Plan, elevation, and section ca. 1900 [In Map Images. This plan is part of the Lockhart of Lee Estate Mapping and shows a plan of a farm in Lanark] https://maps.nls.uk/view/219468216 

  • An e-resource 

James Smith at Hamilton: A Study in Scottish Classicism by Rebecca Di Mambro, 2012 [In JSTOR – please register as a reader to access this resource] https://www.jstor.org/stable/43489717 

  • A business  

Journal of a tour in Scotland in 1819 by Robert Southey and edited by C. H. Herford, 1929 [In ScotlandsPages. This is an excerpt describing Robert Owen’s purchase of New Lanark Mills] 

  • A person 

The weaver boy who became a missionary by H. G. Adams, 1890.  [In Antiquarian books of Scotland. An early biography of David Livingstone].  https://digital.nls.uk/107730084

  • A song or piece of music 

Elegy on Lucky Wood in Cannongate by Allan Ramsey, 1717 [In Special collections of printed music. Allan Ramsey was born in Leadhills in 1686] https://digital.nls.uk/105685908 

Allan Ramsay also featured in our Scottish Enlightenment display that ran from February to May 2020.  

  • Ghosts and other mythical creatures 

Naismith’s Directory and Handbook of Hamilton, 1879 by W. Naismith, 1879 [Found using LibrarySearch. The chapter on Quarter (pages 124-125) describes the ruins of Plotcock Castle with “…ghosts, witches and bogles…”] https://deriv.nls.uk/dcn23/9119/91195782.23.pdf 

  • A castle or other historic building 

Collegiate Church near Hamilton Palace by Thomas Cocking, around 1747 [In Hutton’s Drawings] https://digital.nls.uk/74601766 

  • A photograph 

Air Photo Mosaics of Scotland, 1944-1950. Sheet NS 75 NW (Lanarkshire) by the Ordnance Survey, 1946. [In Map Images. Aerial photo showing the north part of Hamilton]  https://maps.nls.uk/view/75221292

  • Something about the county town 

Long term experiences of tenants in social housing in East Kilbride: an oral history study by Lynn Abrams and Linda Fleming, 2011 [Found through LibrarySearch. This monograph includes interviews with people living in East Kilbride (the most populous town in South Lanarkshire)] https://digital.nls.uk/pubs/e-monographs/2020/217544878.23.pdf 

  • Something about a village or small place 

Plan of the camp of Agricola at Cleghorn in Clydesdale by William Roy, 1793 [In Map Images. This is a plan of Cleghorn Roman Camp] https://maps.nls.uk/view/74485990 

  • Further reading  

Pits, ponies, people, and stories: a two-year community project based on the mining heritage of South Lanarkshire by South Lanarkshire Council, 2015 

Lanarkshire Folk Tales by Allison Galbraith, 2021 

William Roy 1729-1790. Pioneer of the Ordnance Survey by Yolande O’Donoghue, 1977 [William Roy was born near Carluke] 

Note: Feature Image is Fullwood Farm. Proposed alterations. Plan, elevation and section and this plan can be viewed here: https://maps.nls.uk/view/219468216